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Meaning of Wands in Tarot

Wands represent the element of fire, so they indicate the fiery features of a person’s character. It also symbolizes the success of everything related to action, work, activity, movement, impulsiveness, goals and achieving goals. Wands indicate a person’s desire to increase their inner potential and achieve success. Represents the struggle with obstacles, possible risks, inner growth, the need to make difficult choices and gaining popularity, fame, success. Refers to people with blond hair and dark eyes, or red hair and any eye color, or dark hair with light eye color.

Element: Fire, Time of Day: Sunrise, Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, Season: Spring, Alternate Season: Summer.

Ace of Wands

Creative potential, creativity, ingenuity. Entrepreneurship, career development, enthusiasm. Success, luck, recognition. The masculine, active, active principle—the beginning. Money, wealth. The Ace of Wands indicates opportunities, an influx of energy, interesting tasks, big projects, courage and spiritual development. The card itself allows a person to become braver, more resourceful and ready to sacrifice for a specific goal. It also improves optimistic mood, increases creativity and creates inspiration. An opportunity to work on a new project, or the next stage in your life will begin. But there is no guarantee that everything will end well. Wands refer to the element of Fire, so a person is obliged to behave in a balanced manner, control emotions, observe morality and tune in to spiritual enlightenment. You may receive an inheritance, creative inspiration, experience happy situations. Possible promotion, profit opportunities.

King of Wands

A man of wealth and power. A man – honest, decent, who can be relied on. Success in business, income, increase in material well-being. Guardianship, stable marriage. A born leader who is able to formulate his thoughts and ideas so clearly, charismatic. Endowed with powers of persuasion. Possesses courage, wisdom and strength, respects the opinion of others and always tries to help. Often this card indicates success in some sphere of life. If you have been doing routine work for a long time, then favorable changes and surprises are expected soon. If fortune-telling is done by a woman, then she will meet an influential person who will help her realize her dreams and aspirations. It will turn out to increase income.

Queen of Wands

A woman with authority, experience, power and money, related to the practical sphere of the questioner’s life. A woman – a professional in her field, highly accomplished, independent. Independence, desire for prosperity, financial success. The Queen of Wands indicates a practical, mature and successful woman. She has a lot of will power. The Queen of Wands describes active, independent, enterprising and charismatic people. Such people are able to make decisions decisively and without delay. Strives for professionalism and high quality, is not afraid to challenge fate and overcome any obstacles. Symbolizes ambition, pride and leadership. The card can also predict the appearance of a dangerous and serious competitor.

Zižļu bruņinieks

Knight of Wands

Trip, trip. Change of place of work or residence. Friendly, energetic, confident young man. Individualism, the desire to be in the center of attention, playing for the public. The Knight of Wands represents a person who is always in a fight. A person who is always ready to defend his interests is not afraid of problems, troubles, rivals and unexpected turns of fate. At the same time, a person who manages to remain romantic and genuinely interested in life. A person who is not afraid to take risks and compete. This behavior often leads to chaos. A person wants the fastest possible result, is impatient. An active person, with several hobbies, plays sports and runs his own business. Often travels and likes to communicate with people. A good sense of humor and the ability to correctly perceive new ideas. The character shows generosity and impulsiveness, as well as gambling and incredible willpower.

Wand of wands

Boy or girl, friend, courier, guardian. Everyday business relationships: colleagues, partners, associates. Determination, ambition, leadership, intelligence. Important and interesting news. Reliability, generosity. The Wand of Wands often symbolizes getting to know a new fair-haired man or girl, according to the zodiac sign – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. This card can also indicate that you will soon receive an interesting and profitable offer that you will not be able to refuse. There will probably be a great feeling of enthusiasm, which will allow you to prove yourself in business. Kar symbolizes constructivism, curiosity and the desire for personal growth. Risks can be taken during this period, but all actions must be thought out and calculated. Only then will it be possible to get a positive result and enjoy what is happening.

10 of Wands

Excessive burden. A heavy burden, imposed by the person himself (also for the achievement of certain goals). The burden of success, money and fame. Despondency, depression, limitation. Symbolizes prosperity, success and material benefits. You may be overworked, burnt out and not even noticing anything that is happening around you. As a result, you can get material benefits but remain lonely. A workaholic who has taken on too much responsibility. The Ten of Wands serves as an important warning. You may end up with serious health problems if you continue to work at this pace. It is necessary to slow down, otherwise you will lead yourself to emotional burnout and will not be able to do anything at all. You are tired and need a good rest. Review your priorities in life.

9 of Wands

Physical strength and mental strength, determination, ability to fight. Resistance, the need to protect one’s interests. Uncertainty of the situation, need to wait, delay, temporary respite. You will have to defend your opinion and interests, go through a dangerous situation. But you will achieve well-deserved success. It may be that you have been going through some tough times recently. The card shows that you had to work hard and give your all to implement your plan. You faced many problems and difficulties, but you overcame all difficulties with iron strength.

8 of wands

End of obstacles, implementation of plans. Business activity, the need to hurry to achieve success. Trip, trip. Auspicious events, new opportunities, inspiration. You make the right decisions quickly and you are lucky. Many interesting and useful events are expected in the near future. You are moving towards the right goal. Maybe you are so focused on work that you don’t even notice your achievements. The Eight of Wands reminds you of your achievements. It is possible that some important events will happen earlier than you expected. Fate is favorable to you, a long series of successful events awaits you.

7 of Wands

Determination, courage, ability to protect and defend one’s rights. Confrontation, conflict, dispute, entanglement. A difficult situation, the need to defend yourself. Fierce competition, difficult negotiations.

6 of wands

Triumph, victory, important, happy news. Winner, leader, respect and recognition of society. Success in business and transactions, realization of your ambitions. The end of a difficult project, victory, overcoming difficult obstacles. The opportunity to become famous and receive well-deserved universal recognition. The card describes a self-confident person who mobilizes in crisis situations and is able to make quick decisions, acts responsibly and efficiently. A person who will not stop halfway and will bring all the started things to the end. The card can also indicate the possibility of good news in the near future. You may be lucky to meet a person who will help you deal with a problem.

5 of wands

Competition, the acquisition of prosperity or wealth through struggle for it. Rivalry, mutual struggle, desire for leadership. Improved financial condition. Confrontation with others, conflict with colleagues. The need to defend one’s interests, to fight for them. It can mean a fight with equal opponents whose opinion is very different from yours. If we are talking about the period, then this is not an easy period, so you will have to face troubles and obstacles, as well as make efforts. It is also a hint of useful rivalry that allows you to show yourself, discover your inner potential and showcase your talents. Be sure of yourself. The battle will end with receiving new information. In most cases, the Five of Wands describes a competition in a professional plan or a sports competition. You must show enthusiasm and see what is happening as a challenge and an opportunity to test your strength. Overall, this is a favorable card. You will have enough strength, energy and wisdom to cope with the task. There is a high probability of significant success.

4 of Wands

Good news, happiness and prosperity, soul harmony. Success in business, implementation of plans, well-deserved generous fruits of labor. Fulfillment of cherished wishes, luck, pleasant surprise, material well-being. The card symbolizes a favorable period of life, luck, new opportunities. Good contact with others and with oneself. Possible material benefits in the near future due to work, career advancement, inheritance or winning the lottery. Accept money with a clear conscience, because fate tries to reward you for your merits in this way.

3 of Wands

The intended favorable outcome, success in activities, implementation of plans. Stability, faith in the future. Cooperation, strong partnerships. The card describes a person for whom it is important to achieve ideals, to win the sympathy of the people around them and to realize themselves creatively. A person who likes to spend time with like-minded people who will help you build your business, give you good advice or help you out of trouble. A person who knows when to take initiative and when to slow down in order to get what he wants and achieve his goals.

2 of Wands

Belief in the success of the intended, careful planning, prudence. Increase in prosperity, partnership, stability. Anxiety, anxiety about the future. Planning your trip. Education, science. The Two of Wands describes a strong personality who is willing to take risks to defend his ideas, beliefs and commitments. But at the same time, there are also manifestations of impulsivity and restlessness in the behavior. A neutral position is alien to him, so he plunges into the situation without hesitation. A quick-tempered person who proudly displays this quality to the public. But it is not only a part of his nature, but a quality caused by external events, from which the person himself suffers. A person does not have enough patience to calm down and start thinking rationally in a stressful situation. It comes to the point where a person makes fatal mistakes due to thoughtless actions. The card can give advice on developing calmness within yourself, this will allow you to find harmony between the inner and outer world.