Loyalty program


The website royaltarotcards.com provides digital services, the customer can choose one of the subscription types shown in the Buy Access section of the website royaltarotcards.com.

By choosing and purchasing one of the subscriptions, the customer accesses the digital content specified in the specific subscription purchased and paid for by the customer.

Each type of subscription has an expiration date until which the subscription is valid.

Access to digital content is provided to the customer within the validity period of the subscription.

For example, if the term of the subscription is 30 minutes, then access is provided for 30 minutes immediately after payment.

If the term of the subscription is 1 month, then access to the client is provided for one month from the time of payment.

Service provider – royaltarotcards.com (Company ADIG SIA, VAT number LV40103723934, Legal address: Latvia, Riga, Tallinas street 43 – 54, LV-1012).

Customer – a natural person who placed an order on the website royaltarotcards.com Payment – ​​the amount paid by the customer when registering on the royaltarotcards.com website to access the digital resources on the royaltarotcards.com website Subject of the order.

The customer orders, but the service provider undertakes to provide the customer with access to digital content on the website royaltarotcards.com according to the type of subscription chosen and paid for by the customer.

Rights and obligations of the service provider

The service provider undertakes:

  • Confirm the order and provide the customer with access to the digital content on the royaltarotcards.com website within 24 hours (working days) after receiving the payment in the service provider’s account.
  • The service provider reserves the right at any time to add new content and modify existing content on the royaltarotcards.com website at its own initiative, with the aim of improving the quality of the service.

Customer’s rights and obligations:

The customer pays for the selected subscription by registering on the website using a bank payment card or other available payment metod on royaltarotcards.com.

Service price and payment procedure 

  • Before receiving the service, the customer makes the full amount of the subscription payment.
  • The customer is entitled to purchase additional subscriptions at any time by doing so in his profile on the royaltarotcards.com website.
  • If the customer cancels the subscription, the money for the subscription is not returned, according to the fact that all the products on the website are digital products only.
  • By registering on the website, the customer agrees to these terms and it is the customer’s responsibility to read these terms before making a purchase.

Circumstances of force majeure

The order provider and the Customer are not responsible for non-fulfillment or untimely fulfillment of the obligations provided for in these terms of the order, if this occurred due to circumstances beyond the control of the Parties, i.e. natural disasters, decrees and regulations of governing bodies, war, strikes, mass disturbances and other events that left direct impact on the ability of the Parties to fulfill these obligations provided for in the terms of the order.

Dispute Resolution

  • The parties take all possible measures to settle claims and disputes between the Customer and the service provider in the shortest possible time through amicable settlement.
  • All claims must be submitted in writing to the service provider within 48 hours by sending an e-mail to tarot@royaltarotcards.com.
  • The Customer undertakes to reimburse the service provider for all expenses related to the examination of an unfounded claim submitted by the Customer.
  • The parties have agreed that in the event that it has not been possible to reach an amicable settlement on the subject of the dispute, the case will be referred to the courts of the Republic of Latvia for consideration in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Latvia.


The customer can pay for orders with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) using the payment system to which you will be redirected during the subscription purchase (registration). All prices shown in the e-shop are in euros, the price includes VAT. The payment is made outside the e-store – in the secure payment environment of the respective service provider (Stripe). Ryaltarotcards.com e-shop does not have access to the customer’s bank and credit card details.

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