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Meaning of Swords in Tarot

The latest Arcane Swords of the Tarot symbolize struggle, overcoming obstacles, problem solving, confrontation, mind, thinking, striving for victory and leadership. Swords are responsible for victory, decisiveness, speed and responsibility for one’s future. Swords serve as an important reminder that victories often accompany defeats. Besides, your win will always be someone else’s loss. Swords symbolize clarity of thought, a clear concept, thoughtful action and a desire for justice.

Element: Air, Season: Winter, Alternate Season: Spring, Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Time of Day: Midnight

Ace of Swords

Victory, triumph, the beginning of a new favorable period in life, the ability to influence the situation for one’s own benefit, prosperity, income, abundance, success with others, power, the ability to influence other people, willpower, determination, fertility, birth of a child, marriage. The Ace of Swords symbolizes a triumphant victory. The Ace of Swords drives away all fears and experiences, bringing greater clarity and certainty to life. Troubles and difficulties will leave you, it will allow you to focus on more important things in life. The Ace of Swords encourages you to plan and generate new ideas that are implemented with maximum effort. If you have been in a tense situation for a long time, but the ace of swords falls out, it means that you will soon feel more free. If you are going to take on a new project, then you should carefully consider each action, trust rational thinking and do not rush to make decisions. There is a high probability that you will soon receive additional motivation. The Ace of Swords lets you get rid of addictions. Maybe you will break up, because you will no longer be satisfied with only illusions. The Ace of Swords can speak of decisiveness, freedom, organization, logic and discipline. If you get into an unpleasant situation, then you can turn it into a promising cooperation.

The King of Swords

Guardian having power, influence, money, high position, mature man, powerful, with authority, official power, public, state action, politics. The King of Swords symbolizes an objective, highly intelligent, versatile person with a flexible and rational perception of life. A person who has many interests and who independently occupies the mind.

Most often, the King of Swords indicates an authoritative person whose opinion is taken into account by other people. Such a person is able to give reasonable advice, suggestion or hint based on his knowledge and experience. The Arcana says that you have chosen the right strategy and will succeed. Against the background of the crowd, such a person stands out as a leader who can easily earn money. In the team and in the family, he remains an authority with a certain level of strength.

Queen of Swords

A woman in a high position, with influence and authority, a guardian who promotes the success of the inquirer. The Queen of Swords symbolizes an independent, wise and independent woman. A progressive and intelligent personality with an analytical mindset. It is often indicated by women after the age of 30. But sometimes there are exceptions when a person has developed faster. Such a person is not used to listening to the promptings of the inner voice. Actions lack the warmth and kindness of the heart, because he prefers to make decisions as rationally as possible and considers everything with his mind. However, this approach still allows you to achieve your goals. If the Queen of Swords appears in the spread, then conflict situations are possible.

Zobenu bruņinieks

Knight of Swords

Strong personality; for a friend – a true friend, for enemies – a dangerous opponent, courage, professionalism, leadership qualities, firmness, victory in confrontation, conflict. The Knight of Swords symbolizes an independent, cunning, cynical, highly intelligent person with great oratorical skills. The Knight of Swords is a complex arcana that includes many different aspects. Usually the potential is realized through protest, rebellion and opposition to something global. The force may initially be used only for peaceful purposes, but this only leads to more problems. Such a person can be proud of wisdom, analytical thinking and the ability to defend the chosen position. Unfortunately, with the appearance of this card, dangerous and stressful situations often arise, as well as various intrigues from the side of fate. You may be obsessed with an idea that you can’t give up.


Strong personality; for a friend – a true friend, for enemies – a dangerous opponent, courage, professionalism, leadership qualities, firmness, victory in confrontation, conflict. Swordsmanship symbolizes renewal, provocation and high IQ. There are several interpretations of the Swordsman, but there is a common feature. Swordsman symbolizes a personality with great potential. A person has a rather complex character, thanks to which he stands out from the crowd. The card can also have a negative meaning when it only complicates an already difficult situation. In a tense situation, the Lord of Swords turns on childishness when required to show seriousness. This card can also indicate a young and smart girl with an analytical way of thinking, a lot of energy and a wide range of emotions.

10 of swords

Betrayal, defeat, failure, failure in deals and plans, big troubles, big material losses, disappointment, sadness, mourning for the lost, despair. The Ten of Swords indicates that a project or business has been completed without your intervention and desire. The Ten of Swords symbolizes collapse, failure of plans, a feeling of hopelessness, as well as unexpected situations that destroy something important in your life. These are not ordinary, everyday troubles, but a serious dead end. The Ten of Swords is often called one of the scariest cards. All other arcanas warn of temporary difficulties, which you will gradually deal with. Prepare yourself mentally that you may have to feel a sense of emptiness and experience pain. Tears, grief, suffering and sadness.

9 of swords

Suffering, mental suffering, severe loss, serious illness, death, accident, failure, disappointment, defeat, fraud, betrayal, infidelity. The Nine of Swords symbolizes anxiety, panic, guilt and serious trouble. Who is to blame? In principle, only yourself, because you feel completely powerless in front of difficulties and problems and have already given up. However, it is important to understand that all your experiences are not without foundation. Serious problems alternate with small jobs. Therefore, it is not worth wasting time and nerves. The Nine of Swords indicates problems in the future, so prepare for them and don’t waste time thinking about the past. Shame about your past actions and decisions. This card does not indicate physical threats, but moral and psychological experiences. Melancholy, sadness and anxiety are emotions. Enemies may appear on the horizon, or you yourself will start harming yourself, trying to hide from responsibility for your actions.

8 of swords

Inability to influence the situation, the need to wait, lack of faith in one’s own strength, fear, lack of freedom, submission to the will of others, conflicts, collapse of plans and illusions, illnesses, bad news, adverse conditions. The Eight of Swords indicates that you do not make decisions independently and he always doubts something. The map describes the factors that have created the current situation. The card indicates helplessness, limitations, dead ends, difficulties and complications in achieving goals. This card can also be a warning that it will be impossible to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

7 of Swords

Fraud, deceit, a dangerous enemy, a secret pest, efforts to deprive the inquirer of property, dexterity, intellectual superiority over an opponent, surmountable difficulties and obstacles, gossip, slander, difficulties in business. Troubles and problems that are not easy to deal with. You need outside help to solve the problem. This card can represent your current negative outlook on life. Robbery, fake. If you have the intention of getting something that doesn’t belong to you, then you better discard that idea, because it won’t pay off. Be alert and cautious.

6 of swords

Difficult stage behind, journey, trip, change of residence, relocation, good news, change for the better, uncertain situation, need to wait, transformation. You want to make changes in your life. But at the same time, be afraid of something new and act conservatively. The Six of Swords also indicates a passion for religion, a change in life priorities, attitudes and values, and a change in the circle of acquaintances. There will be problems, but you need to wait a little and be patient, then you will quickly recover and be able to quickly adapt to new conditions. You need this transformation right now.

5 of swords

Defeat, disgrace, heavy loss, disbelief in one’s own strength, confrontation with others, conflicts, resistance, encroachment on the property of the inquirer. In the near future, you may have to face humiliation, anxiety, loss, fear and failure. Black period in life. Stress, tears, conflicts with others. A feeling of despair, it seems that everyone is against you.

4 of swords

Fatigue from fighting, break in business, rest, relaxation, meditation, moving away from things and worries, “returning to life” after a period of decline, renewal, slow rise, recovery, recovery, strengthening of mental and physical strength, loneliness (including voluntary), serenity, peace. You may have distanced yourself from the people around you and are trying to keep your distance, isolate yourself. The Four of Swords indicates problems at work and stagnation. At the moment, it is important not to “dig” in yourself and your emotions, because this can drive you into deep depression. Find the strength to turn to loved ones or a psychologist for help. The Four of Swords can indicate disrespectful behavior. In most cases, the card falls to workaholics and careerists. These people give their best, get very tired and make mistakes. You need relaxation and good rest.

3 of swords

Divorce, farewell, breakup of relationship, end (in love, business, friendship, kinship), grief, painful loss that is difficult to accept, heart drama, love triangle, betrayal, conflicts with others, opposition, enmity. Loss of an important person, pain, anxiety, disappointment, grief. The risk of becoming depressed increases. Perhaps apathy after parting with a loved one. Self-doubt, anger, irritability, conflicts.

Sword 2

Strength of spirit, perseverance, balance of soul, readiness to face difficulties, favorable solution in a difficult situation, conflict or disagreement, difficult period behind, respite. Isolation from society. A person wants no one to go into his personal space and get into trouble. A difficult moment, because a person needs help and mentally asks for it, but is not going to accept it. The presence of shyness, kindness, emotionality, restraint and rich imagination in the character. Everything shows that the person is overly sensitive and the person needs emotional support.