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Meaning and explanations of runes

Runes were used as an alphabet in ancient times. Each rune is a letter of the alphabet. The first runes in Scandinavia – an alphabet of 16 characters – originated where approximately m.e. III century in the middle. These marks were found on about 200 artifacts. After 600 years, in the 9th century this alphabet is replaced by the more modern, already 24-character rune alphabet “futhart”. Runes, like the Tarot, provide answers from your subconscious. By drawing a rune, you will receive an answer to a question from the depths of your subconscious. Today, 24 runes and 1 empty rune are also used in divination. Each Rune symbolizes the flow of one type of energy with similar properties, however, the number of manifestations of the same Rune is huge, and all possible values are simply impossible to grasp. In this article I will describe what each rune means.

Rune of Fehu

Won, production, profit, success. Financial well-being in the near future or now. Realization of plans and hopes in life. Hope, friendship, love, luck, happiness. A new acquaintance. Energy, foresight, creation, formation. Fehu is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, abundance and comfort. The rune is responsible for the preservation of what has been acquired and the acquisition of new ones. Basically, this rune refers to material success – money, property. But it is also responsible for inner wealth – experience, spiritual maturity. It helps to be smart and develop internally. New cash flows will open up and new ways of making profit will open up.

Uruz rune

Physical strength, speed, untapped potential. Great energy, health. Freedom, will, action, courage, strength, perseverance, understanding, wisdom. Good mood. Sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better). Sexual desires, potency. Good health. Success in business, profit. Formation of power. Acquisition of a new form, transformation, spiritual growth, transition to a new level. new world, new perspectives and opportunities.

Uruz means “strength”. It symbolizes the uncontrolled force of change coming from outside and the need for renewal. Uruz is a flame that burns away everything old and unnecessary. It can best be described as a rune of development due to leaving one’s comfort zone. Uruz causes transformation – both external and internal. Everything unnecessary is cut off – everything that hinders progress and evolution. 

Rune of Þurisaz

Outwardly directed force of destruction and protection, conflicts. Gate. Action. Power. patronage. Victory. Efficiency. Active protection. Removal of obstacles. Instinctive desire, vital energy, initiation of the process of action. Moving, traveling. Tendency to change. Decay, purification, fire. For people who are strong in spirit and determined in their efforts, this rune means that you will go through trials, as a result of which you will become a stronger personality.

Ansuz rune

Ansuz is the rune of wisdom, knowledge and communication. Wisdom, intelligence, oratorical abilities.. Receiving a gift. Exposure, communication, insight, communication. Business trip, trips with a specific purpose. Profit. External signals, inspiration, enthusiasm, speech, true vision, power of words and symbols. Blessings, advice. Good health, harmony. You will be communicative, you will be able to better communicate with people, understand them, find a common language and feel empathy. An opportunity to discover all your potential, inner abilities and talents. This is especially true in areas that require high mental activity.

Raidu rune

Travel, lifestyle change. Travel, vacation, movement, development, change of place, building relationships. Perspective view. Taking the right steps, determination. Personal rhythm, world rhythm, dance of life. If you feel that you have entered a period of stagnation, do not worry, you will soon move, because Raidu is the rune of the road and movement. The path can be both physical and spiritual.

Rune of Shame

Vision, discovery, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, ability, inner fire, creative flow, revelation, light, creation, birth of new ideas. Luck. Fire of life, power, fire of transformation and regeneration. The ability to create your own reality. Kano is the rune of creative people, artists, musicians and anyone who practices art and creates something.

Rune of Gebu

Fruitful intimate relationship, partnership, union, harmony, balance. The name of the Gebu rune translates as “gift”, and a sincere and warm relationship is indeed a precious gift. A strong, true and equal couple relationship in which each partner is free, self-sufficient and does not limit the other. Balanced and harmonious exchange of energy in relationships.

Rune of Wunju

Joy, satisfaction, hope, improvement, harmony, prosperity dawn. Entering a period full of happiness, joy and harmony. The beginning of the white streak in life, the fulfillment of old wishes and a well-deserved reward for your efforts.

Hagalaz rune

Sudden change, influence of external forces, change, sudden events, test of character, temper, trials, destruction of the old order. Update using destruction. Destruction of the old order that inhibits development. Stepping outside the usual comfort zone. Development always takes place in conditions of discomfort, so these changes will only benefit you. Maintain balance by allowing your old things, habits, people and situations to fade into nothingness, purify your life and make room for the creation of the New. Say goodbye to unnecessary things and people in your life to make room for the new.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Naudiz rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Naudiz rune

Naudiz rune

Overcoming, hardening of difficulties, patience, lack, limitation, difficult period. Strengthening the inner essence, tempering the character, discipline. It will be a difficult period, but keep yourself in your hands and calm down. Through these difficulties, you will become stronger, more tolerant and more resilient. If you pass all the tests that life has prepared for you right now, then thanks to the strong, hardened character you will acquire, you will be able to get everything you want from life.

Isaz rune

Deceleration, pause before success, delay. Isaz means “ice” in translation. It seems to freeze the usual flow of life, forcing you to take a break, look around, forcibly stop and calm down. But in time, spring comes and the ice melts. You don’t lose your achievements, all material things remain, all skills remain. You’re just slowing down to cool your mind and make sure the course is correct. To re-analyze what you are doing and what you are aiming for.

Rune of Jara

Harvest, reward, completion of cycle, successful completion of things, tangible result. The jar symbolizes the end of the cycle and the moment of harvest. This applies to all areas of life. If you worked hard and for a long time on something, it means that the right time has come to reap the fruits of your labor. You will get the reward you deserve for your hard work. Good time to start a business.

Rune of Iwaz

Protection, Endurance, Coping, Positive Decision. If you are currently doubting yourself and it seems that plans and ideas are too complicated and impossible to implement, nothing happens, then don’t worry, this period will end soon and you will have new strength and energy to implement plans and believe in yourself.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Persian rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Persian rune

Persian rune

Search, mystery, intrigue, the hidden, intuition. The transformation of consciousness and the rebirth of the mind. We grow and develop, and our vision and perception of the world change with us. Throughout our lives, we are developing and searching for the path to our inner self. Awareness of your being, transition to a new level of consciousness due to the rebirth of your old self into a new and more developed one.

Algiz rune

Algiz is a rune of strong protection. Protection, connection with higher consciousness, help. You are protected, higher forces will help you. Spirituality, the attainment of unity with higher consciousness, creativity and luck, which activates when one begins to hear and understand one’s inner voice. Strength and harmony of the inner spirit.

Sowilu rune

Triumph, achievement, strength, flow, energy, leadership qualities, self-confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, desire to win. This is a rune of internal energy flow, full of strength and desire for victory. This is the rune of triumph, leadership, confidence and perseverance. Rune of achievements and self-realization. Rune of the Sun. Achievements, success, surge of energy.

Rune of Tiwaz

Tiwaz is the warrior rune. Progress, struggle, deserved fair victory, stability, determination, perseverance, courage, moral strength. You will succeed in winning the battle only if you apply determination, persistence and willpower.

Rune of Berkan

Berkana is a rune of feminine energy. Feminine energy, productivity, fertility, birth, creation, strengthening relationships, home comfort, strong family relationships, home protection, family amulet, care. The rune personifies femininity, symbolizes the hearth, pregnancy, childbirth, maternal qualities. Happy love, birth of a child.

Rune of Ehwaz

Changes. In progress. Catalyst of change, active movement forward and transformation both externally – in one’s affairs, studies, work, and internally – in consciousness and way of thinking. Evaz attracts new opportunities. It helps to effectively implement plans, to be stable in critical moments and to flexibly adapt to new circumstances. Renunciation of the unnecessary and everything superfluous. Resolutely part with what hinders you, moving to a new level of both external and internal development.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Mannaz rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Mannaz rune

Rune of Mannaz

Self-knowledge. The meaning and action of Mannaz is unique to everyone, because this rune is a person’s individuality. The rune teaches you to feel your inner world, analyze it and how the surrounding reality is broken under the prism of your personality and listen to your inner voice, understand and accept yourself as you are. Discovering and exploring your best qualities and talents. Choosing the wrong path in life.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Laguz rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Laguz rune

Laguz rune

Laguz has a mystical meaning, Laguz is associated with mysticism and intuition. Laguz means “water, lake” in translation. It symbolizes the flow of life. Femininity. Intuition, inner strength, discovery of inner potential. Lightness, softness. Trust your intuition.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Inguz rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Inguz rune

Iŋwaz rune

Life force, transformation, rebirth, progress, development, growth. Iŋwaz symbolizes a period of progress. A period in which everything works out. You will be able to realize your plans and fulfill your dreams, because now is a very good time. “Time to act, now or never!” Don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to change. Determination, confidence, courage, self-belief and a positive outlook on life.

Divination with runes on the Internet - Degaz rune
Divination with runes on the Internet – Degaz rune

Dagaz rune

Willpower, breakthrough, wish fulfillment, transformation, well-being, path to dreams, self-realization, improvement. Dagaz is a rune of willpower and the realization of dreams. Your dreams will come true, but you must be active and use the willpower you possess. Nothing will happen by itself, but if you know what you want and take action – everything will happen!

Rune of Oþil

Rune of home and property. Home protection, life experience, home, family, intellectual property, material property, family relationships. Possible inheritance or acquisition of family property.