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Meditative and transformative Tarot coloring book “Major Arcana”

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Meditative and transformative Tarot coloring book “Major Arcana”

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“Major Arcana” is a meditative and transformative coloring book. In this book you will find black and white illustrations of all 22 major arcana and there is also a space for notes for each arcana. On the notes page, you can write down your feelings that you had when you did the coloring practice.

Think about what new qualities you saw in the arcana, what energy you felt, maybe you see this arcana in completely different colors than it is depicted in Ryder White’s original Tarot deck.

The practice of coloring or drawing tarot cards helps you better tune into the energy of the arcana. Coloring tarot cards is a form of art therapy. Let yourself be creative and feel the Tarot arcana in new colors.

The coloring book “Major Arcana” is a digital book and available for instant download in pdf format after purchase. Print the book and devote yourself to the coloring practice to feel each of the arcana even more deeply and thoroughly.


There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana. This number is not accidental, it corresponds to the 22 letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet (they are the basis of Kabbalah) and the 22 elements of classical astrology: 12 astrological signs, and 10 “planets” (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune , Pluto.). The Elder Arcana reveal a person’s inner state, motives, goals, and what is going on in a person’s soul.

By doing the practice of painting or drawing the major arcana, it is possible to get to know yourself better, as well as to understand your destiny and how to better realize yourself in life.

The practice of coloring tarot cards will come in handy if you want to:

– Develop creativity in yourself.

– Relieve stress, anxiety and tension.

– Get to know the older arcana of the Tarot and the energy of the arcana more deeply.

– Reconnect with any or all of the major Arcana.


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