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Meaning of Cups in Tarot

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Cups are the small aran of the Tarot cards, symbolizing the element of water. In tarot, cups describe human emotions, feelings and experiences. In general, cups do not bring anything negative, but for a more detailed interpretation, we recommend studying the description and meaning of each card.

Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups is a symbol of inner energy, openness of the soul to everything new, spiritual harmony and comfort. An Ace of Cups falling in a spread indicates that luck is knocking at your door. The Ace of Cups symbolizes the beginning of new relationships and love.
On a domestic level, the Ace of Cups falls when certain changes are expected in everyday life. It symbolizes the wind – a party, a festive feast, a best friend’s wedding, where you can have a good rest in comfortable conditions.
The Ace of Cups in the spread indicates a certain new life experience related to the emotional sphere. An engagement, pregnancy or other important emotional and uplifting event is possible.
If you are in a relationship, the card indicates that the relationship will move to a new level. The card may indicate the conception of a child, as well as receiving a surprise or gift from a loved one.

The King of Cups Tarot
The King of Cups symbolizes attachment to homeland and home. The King of Cups is a positive card and symbolizes overcoming a crisis and the beginning of a new positive phase, a long-term relationship or marriage, a strong emotional bond and trust will develop between partners.
If it is about a person, the card symbolizes an honest, mature, successful and responsible man. He is very smart and fair to everyone, makes smart decisions. Because of his education and upbringing, he knows how to impress what he’s up to.
The embodiment of power, honor, justice, intelligent and deliberate action. Someone around you can help you without hesitation to solve some problems in your life. All you have to do is ask for help.

Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups symbolizes success due to strong intuition. In the life of a person to whom this card has fallen, there is usually an accurate premonition of upcoming events. Strong intuition, clairvoyance.
Describes a person who tends to rely more on intuition than logic. Such a person may get the impression that he is detached from reality and is not from this world. Tends to float in the world of dreams and fantasize.
The Queen of Cups indicates a desire for a loved one or an improvement in relations with a partner with whom the spiritual connection has been broken. You may have a tendency to sacrifice. You will need help from those around you who can give you wise advice and give you comprehensive support.

Knight of Cups
What qualities does a knight have? Of course, romance, sincerity, courage and purposefulness. If you make a guess about a particular person, then these characteristics are specific to that person. A person is loyal to his principles and ideals, always follows his dream, is very sensitive and tactful.
In life, this person is already an adult, but has not reached the age of maturity. He is very talented, he can devote himself to his career with full enthusiasm. He has his own value system and his own idea of moral standards.
The Knight of Cups can indicate a new meeting that will be very fruitful and romantic. Or it will be a friend who will bring new pleasant feelings, experiences, surprises. During the meeting, this person may make an offer that will not be easy to refuse, so don’t refuse.
The card can also indicate a new acquaintance, an invitation to a party, vacation with friends, or visit relatives. Intuition plays a very important role. listen to your intuition and it will guide you in the right direction.

Father of Cups
The appearance of the cup in the spread indicates that you or the person you are guessing about has a well-developed intuition. The person will have a good insight into the profit potential and the perspective of the project. New, tempting offers are waiting for you, which will give you a lot of positive emotions.
Your work and talents will be deservedly appreciated. The Jack of Cups can indicate a possible promotion, establish a relationship with an influential person.
The card symbolizes a reliable worker and a useful person who can be trusted. In business situations, partners welcome such a person with open arms, they are happy to cooperate, so you can expect another success.

Cup 2
Two cups show mutual sympathy, promising relations, successful cooperation, peace that finally comes after long disputes and disagreements. There will definitely be fun events and meetings in a person’s life.
The Two of Cups is a positive card. The card symbolizes the creation of relationships, which can involve both old acquaintances and a new circle of friends.
There has come a period in the relationship between two people when grievances and ambitions should be put aside, and time should be devoted to family and family values. A person will have new promising prospects. Talents can be discovered that can be demonstrated to others.
The card symbolizes the end of problems and complications, because the time has come for the white stretch of life. You can expect a successful and productive start of a new business or something else. You can do whatever you want and luck will smile at you.

3 Cups
The three cups represent happiness, joy and celebration. In love and friendship, there will be complete mutual understanding between partners. All planned activities will end successfully. Now is a good time to reconnect with old friends and relatives.
However, success will smile only in a spiritual sense, do not expect an increase in income. The positive thing is that the card will touch not only you, but also the nearest and dearest people, and their affairs will improve. It must be remembered that there is no success without risk. The Three of Cups falls before important events: weddings, family growth, graduation from school or university, receiving new responsibilities. The card can indicate a rest, a vacation that will be full of joy and positivity.
Four of Cups Tarot
Cup 4
The card shows that a person in whose arrangement the 4 of cups falls out misses great opportunities in his life. It can be associated with excessive egoism, arrogance, pride, considering yourself the smartest. The card indicates a person who is easily offended, is dissatisfied with himself, constantly scolds and criticizes himself, which in turn causes fear and complexes in a person.
Lack of motivation, critically low self-esteem. It could have come from criticism from a loved one or hurt vanity and pride. Such behavior leads to complete apathy towards everything, isolation, alienation and the breakdown of relationships.
This card warns that a person needs to concentrate, stop whining about everything and stop feeling sorry for himself.
A person feels complete apathy towards everything, boredom, disappointment due to unfulfilled expectations. Such a situation can be, for example, when the period of rose-colored glasses has ended and gray everyday life and routine have begun. Sudden mood swings, usually not for the better. Easy irritability, everything makes you angry.
You should do a value revaluation. Perhaps what is considered very important at this stage of life, what rents the most, is actually not so necessary and important in life.
Try not to take on several things at once, it will not end well. Think about what your motivation is for the outcome, if any. Take your time to grab and grab something, slow down, think, pay attention to even the smallest details.

Cup 5
False promises, failed projects, unfulfilled obligations, unprofitable business, breach of contracts. Failure in exams.
The 5 of Cups card is quite problematic. Disappointment, unexpected problems and complications, melancholy, sadness, pain, grief over loss. Perhaps a person will experience regret because his dreams and desires did not come true, although he expected them to.
The card can describe the feeling of disappointment when you are separated from something very important and meaningful. Destructive emotions, emotional crisis, depression, love suffering and anger manifest in a person. A period full of trials awaits a person. However, any problems can be solved if you really want to. If you dwell on negative thoughts, you will sink deeper into depression and only create new problems.
The card may indicate failed projects, broken promises and losses. A person under the influence of this Arcana can be doubtful and indecisive. Even in times of difficulties and obstacles, a person tends to run away from problems rather than solve them.

Cup 6
The 6 of Cups symbolizes inner harmony, generosity and generosity. Success in business, relationships and projects. We can think that all difficulties are in the past, and now prosperity awaits us. As soon as the difficulties recede, a person begins to dream and make plans again, is satisfied with the fruits of his work and success.
A person does not seek something new, as it may seem to many from the outside, a person is simply reborn for a new life after difficult circumstances. Satisfaction with one’s destiny, self-improvement, implementation of long-forgotten plans and ideas. Harmony, elevation, success.
It is worth expecting the most positive development of events when everything goes well: a person will not only achieve his goal, but also find personal happiness. Get pleasure from good things and hobbies. Creativity, successful implementation of ideas. Nice projects.
A person will be able to do good deeds, show his care and support to those people who need it, selflessly and guided by the best intentions. Allocating time for work, creativity, cooperation. Completion of long-delayed and unfinished matters. Job satisfaction. New ideas.

Cup 7
The Seven of Cups shows that every choice you think about is already decided by fate and everything is decided for you. The card can also indicate the wrong choice, which in itself does not bring anything good. In some cases, the 7 of Cups also indicates that there are too many choices, it is difficult to decide and make the right decision.
The Seven of Cups indicates a person who lives in a dream world and is detached from reality. Often this card falls on women who idealize their partner, not wanting to notice the obvious bad traits of his character. The 7 of Cups predicts events that will bring you back to reality and cause disappointment. The card can also warn about fraud, health problems, alcohol addiction oil or drugs.
Sometimes the Seven of Cups is a sign that you should help your loved ones achieve their goals. Do not refuse help, otherwise you cannot expect a favorable result. The card can describe a situation of confusion and uncertainty. Maybe you don’t understand right now and can’t explain what’s going on, how to solve the current problem. You may be facing one of the most difficult choices of your life, one that you will be responsible for for the rest of your life.

Cup 8
If there were disagreements in a previous work or relationship, then there is a reason to change everything by letting go of the past. Dissatisfaction with life, disappointment will pass if you change the environment and people around you. Seek change because it can fill the void in your soul. The Eight of Cups can warn of family and financial problems.
The Eight of Cups advises you to look for new feelings and opportunities, as well as to get rid of people and things that are not in your way. Get rid of the old and old you. Searching always creates a sense of uncertainty about the future, but this is a normal reaction, you are on the right path.
If an accident has occurred in your life now, then the Eight of Cups indicates that a solution to the problem awaits you after the lunar month. Then everything will be fine. A blonde girl or woman can help solve problems. It will not always be a relative or an old friend, perhaps a new acquaintance. You should be more modest, stop lying to people, in this way you yourself get into unpleasant situations from which you will have to look for a way out.
Sometimes the Eight of Cups predicts a trip or moving to another city or even country. There is a possibility that a person no longer gets moral satisfaction from being in a family. Material wealth is what fills all his thoughts and dreams.

Cup 9
Material success, profit, prosperity. White belt in life. Any set goals can be achieved.
In general, the upcoming period is very good for any commitments, fulfillment of wishes. Many pleasant events await you soon. Friendly meetings are possible in a fun company, in a calm atmosphere. When it comes to work, the 9 of Cups indicates a very reliable and responsive team.
Complete harmony and mutual understanding will prevail in personal relationships with a partner, a long-awaited marriage or the birth of a child is possible. Be kinder to yourself, but be careful not to overdo it. Hang out with people who have a great sense of humor. They will teach you to enjoy life.
Dreams come true! You will be successful in all matters. Financial benefit. Perhaps they will give a bonus or an upcoming salary increase. The possibility is not excluded when a distant relative dies, leaving an inheritance.
In some cases, the Nine of Cups indicates the end of an important life stage, a transition to the next level. On such an important occasion, organize a celebration for yourself, share the joy with your loved ones.

Cup 10
The Ten of Cups symbolizes a happy and harmonious family life. Happiness will be long, it will bring a lot of positive emotions. Everything will be completed successfully. The 10 of Cups can herald the beginning of a new phase of life that will bring peace and harmony of spirit.
Openness to communication more than ever before, positive feelings in any kind of interaction with people. Perhaps someone will provide help that will greatly affect the solution of an important problem. You will be very grateful for it.
It is likely that everything will work out at work, professional growth is likely. Establishing contacts useful for dating… In the near future, as if by magic, dreams will come true. Success will accompany you, share it with others.
A marriage or a trip to a country that you have long wanted to visit is possible.
Cup 10 can be interpreted as an overview of life values and spiritual growth. Improving the material condition. There will be an opportunity to earn well. There is a possibility of marriage.