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Major Arcana Meanings

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana. This number is not accidental, it corresponds to the 22 letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet (they are the basis of Kabbalah) and the 22 elements of classical astrology: 12 astrological signs, and 10 “planets” (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune , Pluto.). The Elder Arcana reveal a person’s inner state, motives, goals, and what is going on in a person’s soul. With the help of the elder arcana, people can get to know themselves better, and can also understand their destiny and how to better realize themselves. Below you will find an explanation and meaning of each of the Tarot’s Major Arcana.

0: Meaning of The Fool tarot card

General meaning: Adventurism, unconventional thinking, carefree, fearless, openness to the world, rejection of stereotypes, travel, reckless behavior.

The fact that you are dealt a fool does not always mean that you or the imaginary person is directly a fool. If a fortune is made about a particular person, it may mean that this person does not want to know too much about him. A card in an unreversed position means the need to make spontaneous decisions. Mukis is a person who starts a new movement and begins a life path unknown to him. This is a young, curious, open-minded, reckless person who has a foreign sense of danger and caution. A fool seeks change and constantly experiments with reality.

A fool can be energetic, optimistic, feel strength and joy, because so many interesting and exciting adventures await him. Perhaps he will have surprises and unplanned events, but this does not scare the fool.

Reverse meaning

If the Fool’s card falls upside down, it indicates stupidity bordering on insanity, eccentricity and recklessness, as well as the inability to control events and situations in one’s life. A fool often wastes too much energy and time, all because the ability to prudently manage his resources is alien to him. Instead of using willpower to turn the situation in his favor, a fool indulges in laziness, apathy and runs away from problems. The Fool’s card in its reversed position indicates that a person grabs many things at the same time and does not complete any of them to the end.

I: The meaning of The Magician tarot card

General meaning: Initiative, presence of mind, ability, will, strength, free-thinking. Emergence of new ideas and doings. Success. Energy. Creativity.

The Magician is a positive Tarot card that has a strong energy and appeals to a person to be equally active, proactive and creative. The magician shows that a person has the right and ability to act according to his will. These abilities are already given to the Magus right now. A magician can go about his business, control his environment and focus on what is happening. A magician can achieve high results in various fields. A mage can indicate that you are an expert or professional in your field.

A magician can mark the beginning of a new and successful stage of life – a period in which a person has not yet decided anything and has not yet made any mistakes. The magician indicates that success is expected at this time. It will have everything – both maximum security and favorable conditions. The magician makes it clear that there is a great opportunity – to implement the plan. The person himself will understand in what action he can show his active behavior and will take the initiative in his own hands.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, the Magician card means that a person is a cunning and clever manipulator and at such a moment he will use any means to achieve the desired result. This may indicate a lack of morals and ethics – all means are good just to achieve the result. It can indicate selfishness. An inverted magician card can also indicate that a person is not sure of himself, has low self-esteem. In this case, the card indicates a chronic loser who is threatened with problems and failures and cannot get out of this vicious circle, it can also be an ambiguous situation that cannot be fixed at the moment.

II: The High Priestess tarot card meaning

General meaning – Intuition, subconsciousness, knowledge, wisdom, mystery, sorcery, intelligence, silence, waiting. The unknown hidden influence. The search for self.

The High Priestess card is one of the most powerful arcana in the Tarot. The card shows that in the near future you will receive important information that will radically change your outlook on life.
The high priestess symbolizes peace, which allows a person to delve into his thoughts and perform self-analysis. You will have the opportunity to increase your knowledge and demonstrate your hidden talents to others. What you want will come through patience and spiritual wisdom. Can show tenacity and quick wit. The High Priestess card has a positive effect on self-esteem, making you believe in your own abilities. Good intuition and the ability to delve deeply into virtually any topic.

Reverse meaning

In reversed position, the High Priestess card takes on the opposite meaning. Such a person is deprived of a high level of intelligence and a person constantly faces unexpected problems. A person is forced to wander the black belt of failure and is denied the opportunity to realize his or her cherished dreams. For this reason, a person can feel depressed and even risk falling into a depressive state. The High Priestess also points out the limitations of the fortuneteller’s knowledge. A person should learn to control emotionality and give up spontaneity, which leads to fatal mistakes and serious troubles. In this situation, everyone can make a series of mistakes, show themselves as an arrogant and ignorant person. An inverted card clearly speaks of a lack of emotional balance. Rather, a person thinks in a distorted way and misinterprets what is happening, which prevents him from drawing the right conclusions. The main enemies: self-confidence and vanity.

III: The meaning of The Empress tarot card

General meaning – Action, stability, creativity, growth, beauty, health, fertility, harmony, success, help. Good family. A stable marriage.

The Empress card symbolizes renewal, vitality, fertility and development. The Empress card is a good card. This is a card of successful personalities. If this card falls out to you while reading Tarot cards online, it means that you can go with the flow and surrender to the will of fate. The situation will develop as it should develop. Just react calmly to what is happening.
There is a high probability of meeting an important person who is destined to become a mentor or play an important role in destiny. Sometimes the Empress card also indicates an imminent wedding or pregnancy. If you got this card in the spread, then you can congratulate yourself, because all future events will bring you happy emotions. Arcana is filled with positive energy and will motivate you to act.

Reverse meaning

If this card fell to you in a reversed position, then you will have stagnation in your career and professional growth for a while. Problems, negativity, bad mood and troubles are possible. A person will be forced to deal with negative qualities such as jealousy, stinginess and selfishness. In addition, all these character traits will be directed at a loved one, against whom you experience a strong resentment. The Empress card also indicates further difficulties in the material plane or in the family. At this time, it is better not to make plans for the future and do not deal with solving serious problems, wait. Stay away from conflicts and arguments.

IV: Meaning of The Emperor Tarot Card

Authority, control, order, law, dominance, leader, Achieving goals, Firmness, certainty. Dealing with authorities.

The emperor symbolizes reliability, purposefulness and practicality, a persistent and realistic person who has enough patience and strength to bring what he starts to the end. Such a person will not be afraid to defend his opinion to the last and fight for his interests. Leadership qualities.
The Emperor indicates the need for action. It’s time to forget the habit of putting everything off and start implementing an interesting idea. There will be no distractions or delays. The Emperor card insists that you take responsibility, self-discipline and be prudent in making decisions. The emperor also indicates that at this time you must be decisive in order to defend your interests. However, all your actions must obey the voice of conscience, morality and the law, so that there are no contradictions. If the Emperor’s card falls on a woman, it means that you have a strong and influential man next to you. Or you are under the strong influence of an older and wiser man. The emperor says that you will have to make a significant effort to establish yourself in your current place and achieve more. It is within your power to create the reality that you have long dreamed of.

Reverse meaning

In its reversed position, the Emperor card takes on a negative meaning. If you are a practical person, then you become too down-to-earth and stingy. Reasonable rationalists turn into picky and petty individuals. Sometimes such a card will fall to people who greedily dream of power and have a tendency to despotism. Sometimes the emperor in a reversed position indicates an immoral person. In addition, a person is perfectly aware of his shortcomings, but he enjoys them and is not going to get rid of them. The emperor in an inverted position can signal serious problems. Stagnation in work and creativity, lack of self-development.

V: Meaning of The Hierophant tarot card

Guardianship, advice, wisdom, spiritual support and guidance, inner wholeness. Compliance with rules, requirements. Rituals, hierarchy, traditions.

The priest card indicates leadership qualities. Before us is an incredibly smart and developed person who is able to share valuable knowledge. He is open to everything new, is not afraid of experiments and does not hesitate to receive information from higher forces.
At the same time, the priest indicates the presence of strictness and justice. Such a person can become a spiritual teacher or lead a group of people to achieve a certain goal. The first place is given to morality and traditions, trying to follow all norms and rules. In some cases, the Priest card indicates family relationships, parents, and expressions of conscientiousness. Or it is a reflection of healing, psychology and the maintenance of a generally accepted value system. Perhaps you are thinking about getting married or becoming a member of a church congregation. The priest card hints at possible contact with a lawyer or legal matters. Meeting someone who will share valuable advice. This card indicates a desire for spiritual enlightenment and growth, or you have an inner strength that can propel you forward in any area of ​​life. You will achieve remarkable success. You are capable of many things! There is a chance to become an excellent doctor or psychologist.

Reverse meaning

If, while divination with Tarot cards online, the Priest card falls out upside down, then you may not be able to deal with the problem with classical methods and will be forced to start something original and unusual. Also, this card shows that you have some limitations in thinking, stubbornness. You risk ruining your relationship because of revenge and listening to bad advice. The priest card indicates the presence of a dangerous person nearby who hides his true nature and motives in relation to you. In religious terms, it is a hint of fanaticism, when you are too passionate about what is happening, maybe you are obsessed with something. If you are thinking about marriage, then this is not the best time for marriage. The priest card in an inverted position clearly indicates that a person has lost control over the situation. It is wiser to stop and simply wait for a more suitable moment. You may have opened up to the wrong person and now you are paying for your openness. Can symbolize an unsuccessful deal in the future, hypocrisy, lies.

VI: Meaning of The Lovers tarot card

Choice, decision making, cooperation, partnership, falling in love, union. Several options. Multiple partners. The relationship between a man and a woman.

The Lovers card indicates that troubles and trials are possible. You will have to make a choice between two options. They are opposites, like past and future, loss and achievement, old and new. A serious conflict and dispute between the heart and the mind is possible. This card clearly indicates that it will be extremely difficult for you to choose and you will be torn between two options. However, it is necessary to show willpower, because the choice will affect how events will develop in the near and distant future. In addition, the decision will affect personal life, professional sphere, studies, family matters and travel. It is important to understand that the lovers card has a good meaning. It is difficult for you to decide and choose one thing, but you have enough wisdom not to make a mistake with your decision. You stick to goodness and trust your soul. The card also indicates a decision in a romantic plan, where you will dare to confess your love. Sometimes the arcana indicates that fate will test the strength or will have to pass a test.

Reverse meaning

Perhaps you will encounter an unhappy love or serious intimate problems will arise in your relationship with your loved one. The card creates an atmosphere of chaos in which it is difficult to think rationally about your decisions and act sensibly. Illusions gradually push common sense out of her head, and the fortuneteller makes mistakes. For example, you lose your goal and go in the wrong direction. The card shows that you are confused and have an inner conflict. You risk failing the test and not being able to cope with life’s difficulties. There may be serious problems in dealing with other people. You are not able to express your demands clearly because you do not understand exactly what you want. Your actions will attract problems, troubles and lead to failure. Plans lack realism, so do not rely on their implementation.

VII: The Chariot Tarot card Meaning

Victory, luck, success, profit, fame, obtaining material benefits, honor, recognition, courage, concentration, strength of spirit, self-expression.

A round Chariot of Triumph predicts that soon you will move forward significantly, there will be progress. A breakthrough, a victory awaits you. This victory will give you confidence in your abilities and show that you can cope with difficult tasks. You will achieve significant success in your personal life and professional activities.
A white phase will come in your life, when it will be possible to implement unique ideas. You should not worry about the enemies, because they will not be able to compete with you. You will be able to deal with past problems and move towards your goal. You will get rid of the influence of the past and start a new phase of life. You will have a lot of energy and will be full of determination, which will allow you to act more boldly and fearlessly to discover new potential within yourself.

Reverse meaning

In its reversed position, the Chariot card has a negative meaning. You will have to face problems and troubles. In some cases, luck will literally slip out of your hands, and instead of victory, you will receive new difficulties and trials. You may not be fully aware of the situation you are currently in. Perhaps the forces and possibilities have been overestimated, which makes your plans seem unrealistic and collapse like a house of cards. This card, in the reverse sense, can indicate a manifestation of weakness, failures in business, selfishness. Instead of taking decisive action and changing everything, you back off and give up. It’s time to open your eyes and take control back into your hands. Sometimes the Triumph wheel falls out in an inverted position for people with mental disorders or strong self-confidence. You may be under external pressure or under the influence of a dangerous manipulator. Possible conflicts with the law. Maybe you will participate in court and lose.

VIII: Tarot card Strength meaning

Courage, strength, power, blending instincts, generosity, creative inspiration, creative desire, strong character and self-control, acceptance.

The power of the tarot card represents moral strength, firm character. Perhaps your desire to show yourself through creativity will increase. This card also serves as a deterrent to the dark side. This force directs to fight against negative character traits and determines adherence to high moral values. You may have to give up something for a higher purpose or for the common good, as well as for self-development.

Reverse meaning

In reversed position, the Power card indicates the use of brute force, aggressive and self-confident behavior. A weak personality, unable to achieve inner harmony and peace of mind. It is difficult for such a person to control not the best instincts. In some cases, the appearance of the card indicates that a third party has a strong influence on your life. But man has neither the desire nor the ability to resist, so he silently watches his plans, dreams and hopes crumble. It can testify to the fact that a person interferes in the affairs of others and imposes his opinion on everyone.

IX: The Hermit tarot card meaning

Spiritual search, solitude, isolation, distancing, searching for answers within yourself, silence, working with yourself, spiritual practice, searching for truth.

Most often, this card indicates an invert who is not affected by external influences. A person who is most comfortable alone. This arcana is a symbol of the unity of heaven and earth, reflecting the process of searching for a purpose and life path. It usually drops if you are close to the target or moving in the right direction. Indicates a prudent and cautious person who is used to weighing every decision. It is quite possible that the loner card indicates the need to retire. Solitude can be valuable if you take time for introspection and relaxation. Find time for yourself.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, the card can indicate hiding from reality, isolation from society. Failure to find your place in life. The card indicates the presence of excessive stubbornness. Regardless of the circumstances, a person does not want to change or at least adapt a little, due to which a person loses any opportunities for the future and moving forward. A mysterious person who is used to deceiving others for his own benefit.

X: Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning

Luck, fate, doom, sudden changes, unexpected turns of fate, cyclicality, periodicity, recurring events.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates imminent changes. In most cases, the changes will be positive. You may receive a gift. What will happen does not depend on you, you cannot influence it, it will happen by itself. Everything that happens, including gifts, financial gains and luck, should be seen as a gift from the universe. A round wheel of fortune symbolizes human destiny. The card indicates the need to submit to fate and let what is happening. It is important to understand that the current situation is not an accident, because everything happens for a reason. It is written in destiny and you cannot change it. Accept any change with joy, gratitude and interest.

Reverse meaning

If the wheel of fortune falls in an inverted position, then expect trouble, an unfavorable situation. Your plan will not work out as intended, or the right time to implement the idea has not yet arrived. There is no point in starting to implement an idea, because unexpected obstacles, enemies, problems and obstacles will constantly arise on the way to the goal. Past problems will also remind you of yourself. But there is no reason to worry, because fate cannot be changed. It remains only to calmly accept what is happening. It is important to understand that you can only rely on yourself. A general feeling of unpredictability. It can indicate a passive and indecisive personality that has too few opportunities to realize its inherent potential. If fortune is made about business, it indicates excessive slowness, chaos and unpredictability.

XI: Tarot card Justice meaning

Positive solution, reward. Honesty, justice, respect, authority, balance. Legality, justice, victory in a dispute or legal proceeding. Professionalism, compliance with established rules and procedures.

Round Justice indicates that it will no longer be possible to hide behind other people’s backs. The universe is asking you to start taking responsibility for your every decision, action, intention and even thought. You can no longer rely only on luck, because the future depends only on you.
Order must be restored and chaos removed. The card often indicates people who work in court or work with the law. Or you will soon have to go through a court process. Justice will prevail, so if you received an unfair accusation, fate will put everything in its place. Also, if you are truly complaining, then the day will soon come when you will have to pay for your sins. Act objectively and in accordance with your conscience.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, Justice means that you will have to lose something or part with someone. Trouble with the law, you may be accused or slandered. Perhaps you will become a participant in a large-scale conflict situation or a criminal transaction, or they will try to drag you into crime and fraudulent activities. Be prepared to face injustice in any area of life. You may have to deal with corrupt officials and/or bureaucrats.

XII: Tarot card The Hanged Man meaning

Self-sacrifice, self-denial, self-restraint. Rejection of any benefits or conveniences in pursuit of one’s goals. Acceptance of the situation, humility in front of the circumstances. Change, transition period, trials. The search for inner freedom.

The Hanged Man tarot card has a rather negative meaning. This means that a person is stuck in a dead-end situation and no longer sees any prospects. Look, everything goes in a circle and you can’t find a way out of this eternal circle dance. But there is always a way out. To get out of the situation, you need to change your usual patterns of behavior and make different decisions. The card can also indicate that you are under strong external pressure. A hung card can also mean that a person is ready to make a lot of sacrifices for a higher purpose. Prefers to act according to conscience, due to which he often succeeds.

Reverse meaning

In the circumscribed state, the Hanging card means possible trouble. In this case, the best times have not come. You have to rise above your shortcomings to get out of the situation. That is, this is a way to a higher level of development, which is not available to everyone. How to achieve this? The card indicates the need to radically reevaluate the whole life and the actions taken. Take time for self-analysis and finding a new path in life. Some will have to create their entire value system from scratch. It is necessary to develop both professionally and spiritually. The card can also indicate people who passively react to an unfavorable situation. Self-limitation, due to which the external conditions do not change, but everything remains only worse.

XIII: Tarot Card Death Meaning

Inner changes, rebirth, renewal. Changes for the better, a new phase of life. Completion of some big, major thing or phase of life.

The death card does not mean actual death, but the end of something. Something in your life will come to an end. It can be a certain phase, a project, a business, a romantic relationship or a friendship. Don’t worry about it, because after something ends, something else much more exciting will begin. You will get many new interesting ideas. You may have to say goodbye to your occupation or something else very close to you forever. The Death card symbolizes upcoming changes, starting a new business, new relationships. Take the upcoming changes with optimism, because it will all be for the better.

Reverse meaning

Important warning. Maybe you are seriously afraid of something, or you will have to part with something useless and unpromising, but at the same time close and dear. Some business needs to be completed, but you just don’t want to let anything go. Your hopes are in vain and you are wasting your time. You are driving yourself into a state of apathy and impasse. Every day the mountain of problems grows and it is difficult to deal with it until you let go of what fate is trying to take away. Get rid of things in your life that are morally outdated and have lost their relevance.

XIV: Tarot card Temperance meaning

The need to regulate desires and passions, to maintain harmony in relationships. Tolerance, tolerance, willingness to compromise, diplomacy. Cooperation, the ability to coordinate activities or processes. Thrift, reasonable economy.

In turn, moderation represents harmony, light, joy, beauty and silence. This is a favorable card, your life will change for the better. But for this to happen, you will have to pass a certain test.
It will be possible to minimize the effects of any conflicts or disagreements. Disputes will subside much faster. You must exercise restraint and remember self-control. That way you will find a compromise faster. Often this card falls on people or about people who can easily smooth out conflicts and eliminate disagreements. Those who easily take on other people’s problems and have empathy.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, the card indicates that there is no balance and harmony in your life. Perhaps you have recently divorced or are currently going through a divorce, have problems at work or in the family. It can indicate reckless, quick decisions, the desire to spontaneously spend money on unnecessary things. An unbalanced personality that urgently needs to restore moderation. In the near future, you will have to deal with a large number of tasks at the same time, between which it will be difficult to switch. Unable to control emotions, unable to objectively evaluate other people and their actions. Unstable mood – joy quickly turns into depression or anger. Unpredictable behavior.

XV: Tarot card The Devil meaning

Compromise with your conscience, the ability to give in to a dangerous temptation. Obsession with power, material things, harmful desires, the dark side of nature. Negative emotions, anger, destruction, misery, hardship. Dependence on other people’s will or circumstances.

The Devil card is a negative card that serves as a warning to you. Stop indulging your weaknesses and negative character traits or Jms will pay for it. You may not be able to control the temptations of the flesh. It can be about sex, narcotics, gambling addictions. The card can also indicate a toxic relationship in which a person manipulates and enslaves you. The influence of this person can be so strong that it takes away your freedom of will and forces you to submit to his wishes. It may happen that the dark past will remind you of yourself or you will come across embarrassing information about yourself. The card shows that you are playing with fire, which will lead to serious and dangerous consequences. A strong passion may appear, which will turn into an obsession and cause many problems and serious troubles. You will lose the last remnants of conscience and cross the line.

Reverse meaning

In reversed position, the Unlucky card gets a positive interpretation. It indicates a fearless person who is free from addictions and outside influences. Such a person tries to overcome obstacles and get rid of annoying and toxic illusions. A person does not tend to succumb to his weaknesses and is constantly engaged in self-development. But not everything is so smooth, because the Bad card has more negative qualities than positive ones. For example, the card may point to a person who is used to manipulating others, but creates a deceptive impression about himself. A person lacks moral values, behaves indecisively and uses power arbitrarily. It is possible that you are tormented by the desire to taste some forbidden fruit.

XVI: The meaning of the Tarot card The Tower

Misfortunes, a long period of hardship, shame, disgrace. Oppression, complete subjugation to someone, prohibition of free will and freedom of choice, imprisonment. A complete collapse of all plans. Great material, personal or mental losses.

You must be morally ready for significant changes that will turn your whole life upside down – something will collapse. Not all upcoming changes will be desirable and pleasant. Defeat, losses, black belt in life, aggression, hatred, ending of relationship, criminal activities. A rather heavy fall is expected in life. A period in life when you don’t understand why everything is happening exactly the way it is and why exactly with you. A round tower symbolizes the intervention of a higher power that bestows enlightenment. Sometimes you have to fall to the very bottom to get up and start all over again with much stronger motivation. There are situations when you have to burn all the titles with the past in a rather brutal way in order to start something new and beautiful.

Reverse meaning

The tower card in an inverted position is a signal that the black streak is ending in your life and much better times will begin. Small troubles will still take some time, but you have enough wisdom to get out of this situation. Even in the most difficult moments, you will miraculously manage to avoid negative consequences.

XVII: Tarot card The Star meaning

Changes for the better, achievements, open perspectives. Inevitable progress towards one’s goal, creative elevation. Health, beauty, physical and mental renewal, healing from diseases. Soul harmony, happiness, peace.

The stars in the Tarot mean that positive changes are coming, as well as hope for a better future. You can expect inspiration for new ideas in the near future. You will have a higher sense of self-worth and you will move towards the realization of your dreams. Possible new love, discovery of talents, favorable period of life. Farewell to difficulties and problems, promising opportunities. Your wishes will surely come true. You are under the protection of higher forces that lead you forward with the help of fateful signs. A star card can indicate secret symbols and signs. So be alert. You may notice a sign in the most unexpected place and way.

Reverse meaning

A star card reversed is a bad sign. Can indicate distrust. You may become a victim of betrayal or deception. Unfulfilled hopes, dreams, illusions. Anyone can steal your idea or appropriate your merits. The implementation of ideas can be postponed indefinitely. It is possible that you are in the power of illusions and do not see reality as it really is.

XVII: Tarot Card The Moon Meaning

Wrong assessment of the situation, negligence, false information in some area. Hidden danger, unknown enemy, deception, danger. Changeable mood, instability of feelings, arguments and conflicts. The disease, the error, has not yet manifested itself. Inexplicable phenomena, heightened intuition, prophetic dreams.

The Moon card is a mystical Tarot card, it reveals the hidden sides of life. Can indicate a person’s secrets or the hidden sides of his soul. The card is able to give hints about danger or upcoming unpleasant moments where a person will feel envy or start to be jealous. This is an unfavorable time when it will be impossible to move forward at the expense of courage and strength.

The Moon card indicates impending danger. You should exercise maximum caution and think through every action. Remember that it will not be possible to control all events, so some unpleasant surprises are possible. It is possible that some information received will be incomplete. The risk of becoming a victim of manipulation increases. Life can change suddenly. You will have to go through a series of difficult and unpleasant situations. The most dangerous thing is that initially you do not take them seriously, because of which you risk making a fatal mistake and stumbling.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, the card of the Moon does not necessarily indicate the approach of a dangerous situation, but it has negative aspects. The card shows your fears and bad premonitions. It can also indicate a nightmare, such as what you see in a dream. Perhaps some episodes of dreams do not allow you to go to sleep peacefully, because you are worried that it will come true. Since the moon card is a mystical card, it can also reveal your fear of mysticism, spells, magic or the dark. You may be living in illusions.

XIX: Meaning of Tarot card The Sun

Abundance of life energy, good health. Self-confidence, self-confidence, wonderful opportunities, material well-being. Good luck, joy, happiness. New opportunities: successful projects, exciting perspectives. A happy marriage, the birth of a child, strong friendship and family ties.

The Sun is a very favorable and positive card. It emphasizes the sunny and bright sides of human life. In reality, a white streak will begin in your life, everything will work out and be successful and you will feel very happy.

Possible addition to the family, wedding, promotion at work, travel, dating, fulfillment at work. In general, the Sun card indicates something very good that has happened or will happen in the near future. The card indicates a person who is confident of his future luck. One who easily copes with problems and sees reality clearly. Continue on your chosen path and fight the flaws and dark sides of your soul. Everything indicates that you can count on successful self-realization. In the near future, it will be possible to implement an interesting idea, cope with a difficult task and move forward.

Reverse meaning

If the Sun falls on you in an inverted position, then serious problems and obstacles are expected on the way to the cherished goal. You have the opportunity to achieve what you want, but the road will be more difficult and thorny than previously thought. Success will come only to those who will constantly strive, give their all and overcome obstacles without complaints or tears. You have to earn the victory, you must not feel sorry for yourself. Only those who invest the most will reap the rewards. It will take a lot of strength and energy to win another victory. There will be successes in the professional plan, but they will seem insignificant to you. Yes, and the profit will not be as big as you dreamed. So give your best, but don’t expect mountains of gold.

XX: The Meaning of the Tarot Card Judgement

Changes in life, renewal, spiritual rebirth. Any new successful projects and beginnings (marriage, birth of a child, new job, improvement in quality of life). Progress, moving forward, achieving results. Good news.

Soon, significant changes will occur in your life or your personality will transform. New goals, aspirations and intentions will appear. Some will discover new talents. However, remember that everything new comes from letting go of the old. Therefore, we will have to cross out stereotypes and give up outdated thinking. Of course, to achieve what we want, we will have to make a lot of effort. The path to the goal is filled with problems, difficulties and obstacles. Be prepared to give your best and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only in this case, the goal will not seem like an impossible dream. Remember that problems are only temporary and you can deal with them. In some cases, the Court card indicates that you have already managed to achieve what you want, but you are not yet aware of it. It could also be that you have completed your journey through the black lane of failure and now you are entering a whole new level.

Reverse meaning

In an inverted position, the Court card shows that global changes are coming, but you are resisting them in every possible way, because you are not ready to accept the new. It may also be that you move very slowly towards your goal due to new circumstances and difficulties. Maybe there are factors that you don’t even know about that affect the achievement of your goal. You may have reached a dead end and stagnation for a while. You need to think about what are the real reasons that are bothering you right now, analyze yourself and your actions. Perhaps the factors do not depend on you, in which case you should wait. It may also be that you are guided by inaccurate information or delusions. In any case, it is important to make a decision as soon as possible. You have to go ahead and do something because being slow will only lead to more problems and difficulties.

XXI: Tarot Card The World Meaning

Success, recognition, triumph. Deserved reward, fruits of labor, successful implementation of plans. Peace and harmony in the soul, honesty, openness. Peaceful (without upheaval) completion of one phase of life and beginning of a new one. Travels, communication, openness to the world and people.

If the World card fell to you, it is a good sign. This card is a symbol of satisfaction with life and great success. Such a person is in a state of complete harmony with himself and the world around him. He manages to enjoy both leisure and work. The world map indicates the need to find points of contact with reality. You can’t fight the world. You can only understand and accept the world as it is. You are ready to win and easily achieve what you want. It may also be that you have completed a certain stage and are moving to a new level. Worlds allow you to emerge victorious from the most difficult and even hopeless situations. The probability of a significant increase in the level of income increases. It is possible to easily deal with all problems and disagreements. Health is restored and mood improves. You will be under the influence of luck and easily get everything you want. During this period, it is quite realistic to realize the most cherished dreams.

Reverse meaning

In reverse, the World card symbolizes passivity, inaction and submission. You wait for fate to do everything for you and do nothing. Unfortunately, this approach is unlikely to achieve what you want if you keep going with the flow. You might be too lazy right now. You have made serious errors in judgment that have now forced you to face problems and troubles. Maybe you almost achieved what you wanted, but at the last moment everything failed due to your fault. This card should be taken as a sign. The universe is giving you a hint that you need to try harder and then you will be able to reach a new level of life.