Loyalty program

Loyalty program

How to earn gems?

The more stars, the higher the level.

24 gems gives you the opportunity to perform 1 fortune telling for 30 minutes for free.

Here are the steps you can take to get more gems.


Register on RoyalTarotCards.com

and earn 5 gems

Instant access

Buy Tarot Readins

and earn 5 gems

RoyalTarotCards.com loyalty levels

There are 3 loyalty levels available on the RoyalTarotCards.com website. To reach the next level you need to collect a certain number of gems.

Here you can see how many gems are required for each level.

My account

Level 1 - Queen

5-15 gems

only 4 euro

Level 2 - King

15-500 gems


Level 3 - Ace

500 and more gems

How to get free Tarot readings?

If you have collected at least 24 gems, you can make fortune-telling for free.

  1. Go to Tarot Readings online page section and choose divination.
  2. Add desired divination to cart and proceed to payment.
  3. For payment methods, choose “Pay with gems”. The payment method “Pay with gems” is active only when you have accumulated at least 24 gems.

To pay with gems, you must be logged in to the website. To enter the tarokartis.lv website, go to the My account section.

Where can I see earned gems?

You can see your earned gems and your level when you log in to the website on RoyalTarotCards.com header (right side top on your screen).