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How to use every day of the week to your advantage?

Each day of the week has its own meaning. Knowing the meaning of each day – you can use this knowledge to spend each day of the week as efficiently as possible.

What does Monday bring?

Mondays are days under the influence of the Moon. In order for Mondays to be successful, it is necessary to provide the energy of the Moon. Lunar energy should be expressed in care, sincerity, attention, compassion. Mondays are suitable days for solving various problems, making purchases and communicating with family members. On Mondays, one should refrain from criticizing, condemning and making demands on other people, because on Mondays people are especially sensitive and on Mondays it is possible to take pity on other people if it is necessary to achieve a goal, causing sympathy in others.

What does Tuesday bring?

Tuesday is under the influence of Mars, which influences people to act rashly, seek adventure, sharp, direct communication and aggression. Mars is associated with speed, spontaneity and instincts. If you want to be successful on Tuesday, then you should act spontaneously, impulsively, but in no case aggressively. If you have an idea on Tuesday – act immediately! Be brave and show your bravery to those around you. Act more rationally, with your mind, don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

What does Wednesday bring?

Wednesday is under the influence of Mercury, which is associated with lightness, fun and speed. Wednesdays are good for research, writing and sales. If you need to sell something, choose Wednesday. Likewise, on Wednesdays there will be successful business meetings, business negotiations, as well as gambling and lotteries. Wednesdays are good days for communication and you should even communicate on Wednesdays. As well as a good day for studies, acquiring new knowledge.

What does Thursday bring?

Thursday is under the influence of Jupiter and is the most successful day of the week. On Thursdays, business matters, negotiations, transactions are successful. Thursdays are associated with the common good, so on this day it is important to show that you think about the common good, to demonstrate professionalism, efficiency and competence. Thursdays also have a negative side and if problems arise on Thursday, they can increase, so try to avoid conflicts and arguments on Thursdays.

What does Friday bring?

Friday is under the influence of Venus, and Venus is associated with beauty, femininity, harmony, mutual understanding. Friday is a good day for relaxation and fun, expressing feelings and charity. If you are a man, then on this day you can show concern for women and you will be appreciated. On Friday, create a beautiful, creative and warm environment around you. Fridays are suitable for creative, artistic expressions – singing, painting, dancing.

What does Saturday bring?

Saturday is under the influence of Saturn, and Saturn is known for its rather heavy energy, so Saturdays are not the easiest of days. On Saturdays, try to limit your desires and try not to “whistle” about problems. On Saturday, it is better not to work, but to spend this day quietly and relax. You can go shopping on Saturday, because Saturn will help you control your finances and not spend too much. Do not plan important events on Saturday, because Saturdays are karmic days and various trials can happen.

What does Sunday bring?

Sunday is under the influence of the sun and the Sun brings the energy of joy, love, creativity and happiness. Sundays are good days for spiritual growth. Visit a church, go to a museum or an art gallery or go to nature – and your solar energy will increase significantly. Be open-minded, because Sundays can bring insights, ideas and original solutions to difficult situations. On Sundays, try to increase the good and be in a positive mood, treat other people favorably.