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The meaning of colors in esotericism

We don’t always pay attention to the colors around us. But colors have a great influence on our life and everyday life. The colors we use in the interior of our home, which dominate our wardrobe and are around us, can affect our emotions, mood and cause a certain mental and emotional state. Therefore, it is good to know the meaning of each color and use colors according to the situation. By what colors a person likes, you can tell a lot about that person. In this article you will find the meaning of each color.

White colour

White is the color of purity, hope, virtue and peace. White color gives lightness, romantic mood and festive mood. If a person excessively uses white color in clothes and everywhere around him, it shows coldness and isolation from others, as well as the desire to be perfect. People who prefer white color are pure and idealistic.

Red colour

Red is the color of leadership, struggle, energy, passion and passion. Red is the brightest and most eye-catching color of all. It’s not for nothing that price tags and discounts are often in red. Red color is most often chosen by people with leadership qualities, decisive people who strive for victory and power. Red color promotes appetite, libido, determination, desire to win. If you look at the color red for a long time, your blood pressure may increase. The red color motivates to fight, raises self-esteem, gives enthusiasm.
Negative qualities: this color can cause aggression, anger, excessive lust, dominance and violence. The red color is very intense, so you get tired of it quickly.

Orange color

Orange color is obtained by mixing red and yellow. It is the color of pleasure, joy, warmth and confidence and enthusiasm. Orange color cheers up and attracts attention. Therefore, many popular brands use orange color in their logos and visual identity. Orange color creates a positive attitude towards life, promotes openness, sociability, creativity and enthusiasm. Orange color helps to cope with a depressive mood, get rid of fear, fills with energy.
Negative qualities: indulgence, indulgence, vanity, illusions, arrogance. Orange is the favorite color of dreamers and people with intuition.

Yellow color

Yellow is the color of optimism, positivity and energy. The yellow color fills with joy, warmth, and faith in the good. Yellow color stimulates brain activity, increases concentration, promotes memorization, improves the functioning of the nervous system. Yellow color likes people who strive for a goal and who are characterized by zest for life and energy. Yellow clothes help to stand out and at the same time win the favor of those around you. Yellow color can improve mood.
Negative qualities: egocentrism, envy, imbalance, greed.

Green color

Green can be obtained by mixing yellow with blue. Green is a combination of calmness of blue and optimism of yellow. Green is the color of nature, calming and relaxing. People who like the color green are rational, serious, calmly walk the path of life and have a rich spiritual world. It is the color of peace, silence, harmony, tenderness, well-being. Green color symbolizes youth and freshness.
Negative qualities: apathy, peace, indecisiveness, naivety, hopelessness, melancholy.

Blue color

Blue is the color of heaven, innocence and spirituality. Blue clothing can instill trust and respect in you, emphasize your desire for stability. Blue walls prepare you for work, calm you down, remove unnecessary emotions. The blue color symbolizes tenderness, airiness, faith, purity, high ideals, peace, clarity of thoughts. Blue color reduces stress and emotional tension, promotes self-analysis. Blue color slows down the activity of the nervous system, helps to deal with irritation and anger.
Negative qualities: coldness, passivity, indifference, melancholy, fatigue.

Violet color

Purple is the color of a combination of opposites: a mixture of red and blue. Purple color symbolizes space, fantasy, imagination, spirituality, creativity. Purple color is chosen by unusual people who often find it difficult to realize themselves in life. Violet color can have a positive effect on self-esteem, it raises low self-esteem.

Negative qualities: loneliness, isolation, isolation, suggestibility, illusions.

Black color

Black usually symbolizes a gloomy perception of life. In clothing, black color helps to hide imperfections. People who prefer this color are likely not self-confident, tend to perceive the world in dark colors. People who prefer black can also be conservative, tuned to proven values, afraid to take risks and try new things.